terms and conditions


We require a 10% deposit of the total value for your booking to secure appointments.
Coastal Group Car Care can choose to waive this at our discretion.

Bookings with Interior cleaning services:
• Must be free from personal items, attachments, and child seats.
Any remaining items will not be handled by the detailer
The detailer will only clean the surrounding areas of items left in the car
Interior services are exempt of the glove box and centre console compartments
(unless discussed and agreed prior)
• Coastal Group Car Care are not responsible for small items remaining in the car
during the time of service, as the procedure endures several system operations
such as a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.
• Coastal Group Car Care may hold you responsible for lost time on site should there
be any delays out of the detailer’s control. This may result in additional costs to
your booking.
• Mobile service fees are calculated as a total sum by your location and incorporates
tolls, road and traffic conditions, fuel levy, loading and unloading and travel time.
• The Mobile service fee can change at any given time.
• Vehicles in an unclean state further to the advice of the client may incur extra
costs to the booking, which may include pet hair in seats or carpet, mud, or dirt on
paintwork and in wheel arches, under carriages and stains in paint due to lack of
paint care.
• Coastal Group Car Care are not responsible for Paint Fallout or Displacement from
prior panel repairs that occur during our Polishing systems.
• Fees and charges are due on the day of the detail service.
• Under no circumstances will a detailer leave site without payment, or evidence of
payment via bank transfer
• Keys will not be returned for your vehicle without payment, or evidence of
payment via bank transfer (unless prior arrangements have been made)
• Coastal Group Car Care reserves the right to refuse a service should the detailer
deem the site unsafe, inaccessible to work or fear there is a safety risk to
commence work.
• Acceptance of the works performed by Coastal Group Car Care are made by the
client, the moment the car is returned by the detailer.
• It is the responsibility of the customer to accept and be content with the service
provided prior to the detailer leaving site.
• Coastal Group Car Care are not responsible for the vehicle condition once the car
has been taken by the client. Any concerns with of quality of workmanship must
be discussed at time of payment, once vehicle is ready for release.