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These days, it can often be challenging to find the time to have your car detailed. That’s why at Coastal Group Car Care, we aim to make the process so much simpler for you. No matter the budget you have or current condition your car is in, we are here to help!

We provide a fully mobile car detailing service to anywhere in the Gold Coast, which is perfect for people who lead busy lives. You can carry on with your day, and have total peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in a professional technicians hands receiving the treatment it deserves.


Some customers may prefer to have their car seen to more regularly. This option is designed to be conducted every 4 weeks to keep your vehicle in good condition, and help lengthen the lifespan of the vehicle when the time comes to trade it in.

This service includes:


  • Meticulously vacuum interior including boot
  • Wipe clean all interior panels including dash & console
  • Wipe clean door jambs and sills
  • Clean windows inside and out – including top edge
  • Microfibre hand wash
  • Dry using plush microfibre towels
  • Remove embedded bugs 
  • Thoroughly clean wheels & tires – including a low-sheen tire dressing
  • Spray sealant applied

This service is only available for new vehicles or for a vehicle that have been recently detailed to a professional level and as part of an ongoing  maintenance program. Length of time between details must be within 6 weeks to qualify for this program. 

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What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of a car. Unlike a basic car wash, car detailing involves deep cleaning and greater attention to detail. Our Car Detailers Gold Coast aim to eliminate as much dirt, dust, and debris from every visible space inside and outside of your vehicle as possible.

Our Gold Coast car detailing services often include vacuuming and cleaning the interior, shampooing the seats and carpets, conditioning leather, and washing and polishing the exterior.

Along with thorough cleaning, Gold Coast car detailers highlight your car in the best possible way. Ensuring spotless exterior allows your eyes to focus on how amazing your investment looks when its clean and shiny, free of dirt spots and grime.

Our Car Detailing Gold Coast Services

Our team can help bring your car back to life! We have a car detailing package that will suit any budget or vehicle no matter the condition it is currently in. If you are unsure of what you require, why not give us a call? We are happy to discuss what will be the best option for you.


Why choose us for your
mobile car detailing Gold Coast?


Firstly, we are known to offer quality, and efficient Car Detailing services with a great eye for detail. With over 30-years combined experience in car detailing, we haven’t met a car we couldn’t bring back to 

Secondly, you can trust us with your vehicle as we excel at both exterior and interior mobile car detailing. We offer a one-stop-shop for our customers when it comes to car detailing.  We offer industry-leading interior detailing that not many can beat!

Thirdly, our professional car detailing provides results that will leave you absolutely impressed with the condition of your vehicle.

Most importantly, we are conveniently based and come to you at your home or workplace or we have our studio conveniently available in Molendinar. 

We’re the mobile car detailing company you can rely on. 

All of our car detailers are employed by us and are trained to the highest standards in our industry. As a family-owned business, we take quality very seriously and we continue to up-skill our detailers. Because of this, we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

We love what we do and take great pride in offering a premium, mobile auto detailing service at a price that is competitive and affordable.


The Standard Detail is best suited for a generally clean car which requires maintenance or a quick tidy up. 

This service includes an exterior soap wash, hand dry, wheels cleaned and tyre shine, interior is a standard vacuum and all hard surfaces wiped clean.

This service is awesome for the busy family who just want to keep their car clean and presentable.

Do you have a fleet or multiple vehicles? Contact us for our Fleet Vehicle pricing.

Car Detailing Gold Coast

Sometimes, you may only want the interior of your car detailed. Its a place where you spend most of your time, whether driving to work or out on the weekend; so why not have it looking its best? Whether it’s dog fur, kids and ice-cream, or your coffee was spilt – don’t worry! Our specialists can have it look clean and smelling like new again. Get a thorough interior detail today.

Car Detailing Gold Coast

Pre-Sale detail – our most popular detail as its what most people are expecting from a proper car detail. Specially created to maximise your cars resale value on a budget or just give your car a really good clean inside and out.

The Pre Sale package options can include polishing, shampooing and sanitising with full attention to intricate areas. This package is designed for those who endeavour to keep their car in excellent condition or wish to sell it for the very best price possible!

Your vehicle will genuinely appreciate the work our expert Gold Coast Car Detailing team put into it. 

The most advanced vehicle paint protection in the Gold Coast, the Ceramic-Silicon Carbide Clear Resin Coating made in Italy with a Lifetime Warranty. Chemically bonding to your cars duco and formulated to provide a deep gloss with a super sleek level of smoothness. Super-Hydrophobic, UV & Thermal Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Anti-Graffiti, Oxidation and also Corrosion Resistance. Want the best? Contact us to discuss your options today. This product can be applied to vehicles up to 5 years old – pricing varies based on condition.

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing any imperfections from your car’s paintwork such as swirl marks, hologramming, spider webbing and scratches plus other surface damages to the paint surface. This is done by gradually removing the surrounding clear coat. These defects will vary in appearance depending on depth, paint colour and lighting. Our polishing can restore full clarity and dramatically improve the appearance of your damaged paintwork.  Factory and repaired clear coat normally has enough depth to make compound polishing very safe. However, deeper scratches that have scratched the colour underneath can’t be entirely fixed with paint correction. For extreme damage, touch up paint will likely be required in those instances. 

Our results are achieved using high quality machine polishers in conjunction with high performance compounds and polishes. If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your car’s paint then paint correction is the only way to permanently restore the true beauty of your car’s paintwork, revealing that flawless shine once again.

Paint correction is the art of restoring a painted surface to optimal gloss and clarity by removing surface defects and scratches with fine abrasive polishes and compounds. It is a honed skill that is far more than just a “buff”. A true paint correction will remove surface defects and swirling permanently while also refining the paints surface to reveal stunning levels of gloss.

Through the use of multiple abrasives at different levels of aggressiveness, a multi stage correction allows for the use of compounds in the beginning of the process in order to remove defects and scratches and “level” the painted surface on a microscopic scale. This step is then followed with finer and finer abrasive polishes to refine the surface and restore gloss and clarity.

In order to achieve maximum gloss from your vehicle’s paint it is critical that your paints surface be perfectly flat on a microscopic level. The Paint correction process levels defects and scratches allowing for crisp, mirror like reflections. In addition, Paint correction is also necessary to open the pores of the paint for optimal bonding of ceramic coatings.

Unfortunately many brand new cars do require paint correction for them to look their best. It is very common for new cars to be delivered with paint that can have defects left over from factory sanding and finishing as well as washes at the port and dealership prior to sale. Condition varies greatly from car to car which is why we always recommend an in person consultation so that we can gauge what might be necessary to get your cars paint looking better than new!

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Interior Detailing

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Pre Sale Detail

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Paint Correction

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5 Star Rating

We have detailed 1000's of cars and received consistent 5 star positive reviews from happy customers all over the Gold Coast.

Professional Staff

Our staff have years of experience in the automotive detailing industry. You can be sure that you will be receiving the very best service.

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship

We guarantee all our work is of the highest standard for your complete peace of mind. Our detailers only use world leading products on your vehicle.

Wide Range of Services

Coastal Group Car Care provide a wide range of car detailing services in the Gold Coast for all vehicle types. Don't see what your after? Contact us and we will be sure to help you out!

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Other Services

Aside from our most popular detailing packages, we also offer many other services. Don’t see what you are quite after? Why not give us a call, our team are happy to help you with all your car detailing requirements. 

Paint Correction & Polishing

We utilise some of the best exterior paint protection methods, including machine polishing and wax coatings. If your cars surface is faded or chalky, we can help bring it back to life!

Engine Bay

Did you know the engine bay is one of the first things people notice when purchasing a car? Why not get more money for your car when selling with a thorough engine bay detail.

Fleet Detailing

Our team can take care of your companies fleet, ensuring they are kept in pristine condition. First impressions matter so ensure your businesses vehicle look their best out on the road!

Headlight Restoration

Faded and yellowish headlights can be a real eyesore, even on a new car. Our Car detailers can bring them back to their original condition with headlight restoration.

What our Customers Say

We take pride in maintaining our 5-star positive reviews from our loyal clientele. Here is what just a few have to say about us.

Great customer service, friendly yet professional. I thought my car was clean and the paintwork was shiny, but after a full detail and ceramic coating it rendered me speechless! I recommend Coastal Group Car Care to anyone who values the worth of your care 🙂
Deb D
via Google
Car detailing & Ceramic coating Gold Coast - 5 star reviews
Great service - very happy with the internal clean didn't have a chemical smell!! The exterior looks like a new car. I will use this company again. Thank you for excellent service it's appreciated.
Lynne M
via Google
Car detailing & Ceramic coating Gold Coast - 5 star reviews

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